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Assurance and Audit

We provide auditing and assurance services for organizations that are conscience of the need for good governance. Financial statements need to be certified by a certified professional for income tax purposes and for the submission of returns to the Registrar of Businesses.

In a globalizing business world, larger organizations have tended to lead to a separation between management and ownership. The resultant stewardship relationship has made assurance and auditing an indispensable service to equity holders.


Services to our clients in this area include the setting up of integrated accounting systems. Such systems encompass design and implementation of relevant business cycle procedures with respect to documentation and internal control.

These relate to the purchases cycle, sales cycle, cash receipts cycle and disbursement procedures among others.

Tax Advisory Services

We have the capability to handle both corporate and personal taxation. We assist clients in tax planning, Transfer pricing, Transaction advisory and representation with the tax authority for Audits, objections and tax returns/records management.

Company Secretarial Services with our network of professionals, our firm offers client focused secretarial services and “checks” to ensure compliance with sector/industry specific regulatory laws, rules and regulations. We have built internal capacity to handle Complex tax issues in various sectors including; Manufacturing, banking, services, communication, agro-processing and commodity trade among others. Our Technical skills make us the most preferred firm in Transfer pricing, Tax health checks for both Direct (PAYE and Income tax) and Indirect Taxes (VAT, Local excise duty, Gaming and pool bettimg, customs duties etc)

Management Consulting

RKA & Company provides management consultancy services to clients who wish to improve on performance. These services include project planning, business organisation, and control activities.

From the time ideas are conceived, formulated into bankable proposals and implemented, we will provide specialist financial advice ranging from feasibility survey to arrangement of financing.

Many a businessman/entrepreneur is either trying to improve on business or introduce a new business idea. We have wide experience in evaluating the feasibility of new project ideas. We help you concretise ideas and project them better for financing purposes. We also evaluate financing packages and advise clients.

Through discussions with our clients, we can help to concretise business investment ideas through factual investigation and analysis. This may be done under the framework of techniques like cost-benefit analysis, sensitivity analysis and forecasting. Such orderly and reasoned procedure always leads to feasible decisions.

Information and Communication Technology

Today, amidst a competitive business environment, more data is collected than ever before, and the number of variables that an organization can monitor has grown dramatically.

In response to this, progressive management in any growing business concern requires to attach priority to a neat and timely flow of information. This calls for an informational interface among all users that is characterized by faster information processing, systematic storage and instant retrieval.
RKA & Company have proficiency in planning, design and implementation of both manual and computerized business information systems to satisfy our client needs. This service may be provided along the following lines.

1 Designing integrated information systems that conform to an organizations particular needs so that all functional areas are linked to one another by relational information interfaces.
2 Review of existing information systems with the objective of determining system weaknesses and subsequently making corrective recommendations.
3 Translation of manual information systems into computerized information systems.
4 Organizing and providing support to such information systems designed by our consultants.
5 Recommendation, training and installation of off shelf accounting software packages.

Investment Advisory Services

Over the years, our firm has acquired varied skills in treasury and investment management. Our firm has experience in composing investment portfolios and working with offshore investment companies/banks.

We have built up financial models for various clients to enable them plan their business and cash management.

Business Recovery Services

Under this line of business our firm renders practical solutions that assist executives with corporate reengineering approaches and turn-around strategies.

Under this line of business our firm renders practical solutions that assist executives with corporate reengineering approaches and turn-around strategies. This function includes:
1 Receiverships and corporate re-alignment
2 Mergers, consolidations and liquidations
3 Advise on business acquisitions and valuations

Executive Search, Selection and Training

Human Resource Management is a core function of any strategically minded business executive. We offer a wide range of services under our HR consultancy division.

These include executive search and selection, Man –power planning, Job analysis, evaluation and competence profiling etc. Our firm has also gained experience in carrying out training and facilitating seminars and workshops for various organizations. We work together with our clients in identifying training needs and designing appropriate interventions. We have conducted training workshops in Corporate Governance, Financial and accounting Procedures, Credit control, Management, Marketing, Customer care, Budgeting etc.